My first post this year

Happy new year! Kind of… At the moment im too happy I feel like things are going to be going downhill soon… Well I hope not because I want this feelings to last for ever ❤️


Why do you litter 🙍

littering damages the world and you know it.  We have been taught about it  many many times and yet people still do it. You know the damages it does to the world, yet you still do it.  We are destroying our environment and we need to stop. The other day during morning tea, I picked up rubbish that the “cool group “left behind (at least that’s what they probably identify themselves). Even when the rubbish bin is just like 5 steps away from them, they choose to litter. It only takes a little motivation to throw rubbish in the bin or even in their lunch box.

But the thought of what their future will look like makes me happy 😁

#whydopeoplelitter #stupidpeople


先日朝、私は "クールなグループ"がゴミ箱にすてなかったゴミを拾った


why do people eat during class?🍭🍬🍫

Why do people eat during class? I don’t get it at all.  Snacking is the main reason why people put on weight. Examples of people snacking is people in my French class. Every French class I at least see one person snacking. Snacking mucks up your eating routine so if you snack you should stop.   #DONTEATDURINGCLASS #PLEASESTOP






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I tell everyone I love Giraffes so I decided I would write about my love for them.  💓    So I’m very tall for my age and people called me “giraffe” over the years and I started to like Giraffes. But as my love grew for them I got into it more and more. I realised there is more than just how tall there are. They are incredibly interesting to study. In the past I have done many projects and assignments on Giraffes. I’m not going into detail about how amazing they are because I know people will get sick of it. If anyone asks me which country I would like to go to, I would say “Africa to see the Giraffes.” I now hope you know how much I love Giraffes.

I cant be bothered writing in Japanese so yeah.

#Giraffes #Lovethem #Bestanimalever

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Today is 30th of November. Only a month till Christmas.  YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I have been listening to Christmas music sense the start of November. In New Zealand its summer so there is no snow.(HOW SAD😢) As a little kid you would never run out of ideas for Christmas presents to ask Santa but now I cant think of anything to ask. #Christmas #ONLY25MOREDAYSTILLCHRISTMAS #Cantwait #PLEASELEAVEACOMMENT #SANTA #Presents

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今日は11月30日です。クリスマスまでの1ヶ月。 YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 私は11月の始まりからクリスマス・ミュージックを聴いています。ニュージーランドでは夏]なので(悲しい)小さな子供としてサンタさんに尋ねるクリスマスプレゼントのアイデアが足りなくなることはありませんでしたが、今はあまりほしいものがありません#クリスマス #カントウェイト#PLEASELEAVEACOMMENT #SANTA #Present


First blog post

This is my first blog post. just a ordinary school girl from New Zealand. I will be posting in Japanese and English for each post if I can be bothered. I want to get heaps of views but not from people  i know. I will block people if any hate comes to my way. I sound like bitch but i’m a really nice person when you meet me.  Thank you

Btw Issy sounds like my mum 🙂